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Chembra Peak Wayanad (Timings, History, Entry Fee, Images & Information)

Chembra Peak Wayanad Entry Fee

  • 50 per person
  • 15 per student
  • 750 Trekking Charges (For a group of 10 people)*
  • 40 Camera fee
  • 10 Parking fee for 2 wheelers
  • 25 Parking fee for 4 wheelers

* ₹75 is charged for each extra person
^ ₹300 is charged for each extra person

Chembra Peak Wayanad Phone

97472 68696

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Chembra Peak Wayanad Address: Chembra, Wayanad, Kerala, 673586, India

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Chembra Peak Wayanad Timings

Day Timing
Monday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wedesday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Trekking Time is from 7 am to 2 pm

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Surrounded by hills, tea plantations and lush green valley, Chembra Peak is the highest mountain peak in Wayanad. It is 2100 m above sea level.

The place is protected by the forest department, and it has maintained its originality over the years. It is the ideal tourist spot if you're looking for a serene nature walk. Chembra Peak is a picturesque location from where you can get breathtaking views of the exotic flora and fauna of the region.

The forest department organises the Chembra Peak trek, which takes you through evergreen forests, waterfalls and lush greenery to a heart-shaped lake. The lake is bound to capture your heart at first sight.

As per the beliefs, Goddess Sita took bath in the Chembra Peak lake. It is also said this lake has never dried.

Walking through the tea plantations, towards the mist-covered views, you’ll have one of the most amazing experiences during trekking. On an overcast day, you’ll find yourself walking among the clouds.

Chembra Peak is perfect for a weekend trip with family or a trekking expedition with your friends. Get permission from the forest office, take a deep breath and start walking.

Things to do at Chembra Peak

1. Enjoying the panoramic views – About 1 km from the ticket counter, you'll come across the watchtower. You can climb to the top and enjoy the unadulterated views of the valley and the city. On a clear day, you might also see the peak. You can take your car up to the watchtower or walk the distance. It is the starting point for the trek.

2. Clicking photographs – For photographers, the place is heaven. You are surrounded with majestic views right from the beginning of your Chembra Peak drive. You’ll come across green tea plantations and spice plantations along the road. And as you trek your way up towards the peak, you’ll witness the lush green cover all around. The trek ends at the beautiful heart-shaped lake, which is also popular as Cupid Lake. Savour the moments with your camera.

3. Trekking up to the Chembra Peak Heart Lake – The Vana Samrakshana Samithi (VSS), a part of the forest department, organises day trekking to the lake. The management is under the control of the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) of Wayanad. It provides guides to accompany you during the trek.

Chembra Peak Trekking Details

People begin trekking from the ticket counter itself. But the starting point for the trek is at the watchtower, about 1 km away. And you can drive your vehicle to the parking spot near that tower. Jeeps are also available from the ticket counter to take you to the Chembra Peak trek starting point.

You will need permission from the forest department to begin your trek. And only 200 people are given Chembra Peak permission per day, on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can get yours on the spot from the ticket counter. The tickets also include the charges for a guide. Although you don't need a guide for the trek, having one will enhance the experience. The guides have interesting stories related to Chembra Peak, the city and the surrounding area.

From the watchtower, the trek to the heart-shaped Chembra Peak pond begins, the one-way distance of which is about 2 km. The pond, known as hridhayathadakam in the local language, is set among green meadows, alongside gorgeous panoramic views of the valley.

The trekking trail is rated as moderately difficult, and it takes you through tea plantations and the forest. Afterwards, you get in the open space, with an easy to moderate difficulty trekking.

At its highest point, you will witness the top view of the lake. From there, you can walk your way down to the lake. After spending time there, you must descend to the base, i.e. the ticket counter, by evening. Overnight camping is not allowed at Chembra Peak.

Chembra Peak Wayanad trekking is the most exquisite trekking experience in all of Kerala.

The total length of the trek is around 4.5 km to the Chembra Peak. The watchtower is about a km away from the counter and the lake is 2 km uphill from there. The peak is further 1.5 km from the lake, but the guards and guides don’t allow trekking till there. So, the effective length of the trek is around 3-3.5 km.

Chembra Peak Wayanad Timings and Entry Fee

The day trekking at Chembra Peak begins at 7 AM. It is organised every day if the conditions are favourable. Chembra Peak closing time is 5 PM, but you must reach there before 2 PM. No trekking permissions are issued after that.

Chembra Peak trek booking charges are ₹750 for a group of 10 (or fewer) Indian nationals. If the group exceeds 10 people, ₹75 is charged for each extra person. The fee includes the trekking permit and the services of a trekking guide.

For foreigners, Chembra Peak ticket rate is ₹1500 for a group of 5 people. ₹300 is charged for each extra person.

Along with the trekking charges, you also have to pay ₹20 as entrance fee and ₹40 as camera fee. Those charges apply to Indian nationals. Foreign nationals need to pay ₹30 as entrance fee and ₹80 as camera fee. For students, Chembra Peak entry fee is only ₹15.

Parking charge is also applicable. It is ₹10 for 2-wheelers and ₹25 for 4-wheel vehicles.

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Best time to visit Chembra Peak

You can go for a Chembra Peak trek throughout the year, except monsoons. The heavy monsoon rains make the track slippery and dangerous for a trek. You should also skip trekking in summer, as it is too humid for an enjoyable trek.

Therefore, the best season for the trek is during winter, after the monsoon. From December to February, the weather of Chembra Peak is cool, and the environment has a fresh green cover.

Also, it is best to start the trek early in the morning. You can thus enjoy your trek your way up to the peak in the cool dewy air.

Time to explore Chembra Peak Wayanad

It takes around 5-6 hours to complete Chembra Peak trek at a comfortable pace. It will take about an hour, on foot, to reach the watchtower. And from there, it is another 2-hour trek to the heart lake, through the tea plantations, forests and meadows. There, you can rest for an hour or walk around enjoying the views, before tracing your steps back.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Chembra Peak

  • Only 200 people can go trekking in a day.
  • Avoid the trek if you have health problems.
  • Have your ID proof with you during your visit.
  • Group with others to share the cost of the permit if you're fewer than 10 people.
  • Be with your group always.
  • Take a guide for the best experience.
  • Avoid roaming away from the marked trail.
  • Carry plenty of water during the trek.
  • Pack some snacks, but remember not to litter.
  • Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear.
  • Take an umbrella/raincoat.
  • Return to the base before sunset.

How to reach Chembra Peak from Wayanad?

Chembra Peak is about 35 km away from Wayanad. You can get on a bus to reach Kalpetta or Meppadi, from where you can hire a Chembra Peak jeep to the trekking point. You can also get plenty of auto rickshaws from Meppady.

However, the best way is to book a cab to Chembra Peak from top car rental companies in Wayanad for a comfortable trip. And here are the different ways to reach Wayanad –

By Road – Wayanad is connected to nearby towns and cities through several roads. Regular buses from Bangalore, Kochi, Mysore and many other places are available. And you can drive your car too, through the winding mountainous roads enjoying the scenery.

By Rail – The nearest railway station to Wayanad is in Kozhikode, about 100 km away. It has trains from many cities including Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. And you can also get regular trains from nearby cities like Kochi, Trivandrum and others. From the railway station, you can get a bus or taxi for Wayanad.

By Air – The nearest airport is Kozhikode Calicut International Airport, about 100 km away. Flights from many domestic airports, including Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai, arrive at Kozhikode. International flights from destinations like Kuwait, Qatar and Sri Lanka are also available.

FAQs about Chembra Peak Wayanad

Can I trek till the top of Chembra Peak?
No, the top of Chembra Peak isn’t accessible. You can trek only till the heart-shaped lake.

What is the total Chembra Peak trekking distance?
The round-trip distance, from the ticket counter to the lake and back, is about 7 km.

What is the difficulty level of the trek?
Chembra Peak trek difficulty level is moderate. The walk till the watchtower is easy. The slope, afterwards, is easy to moderate.

Is a high level of fitness required for the trek?
The trek is moderate and a basic level of fitness would be enough to complete the trek. Anyone who has experience walking long distances can attempt it.

How much time does it take to complete the trek?
It should take about 6 hours to reach the lake, rest and return.

Do I need permission for Chembra Peak trek?
Yes, you need to secure a permit from the forest department. You will get it from the ticket counter itself, on the day of trekking. But be early. Only 200 people are allowed in a day.

How much does the trekking permit cost?
The cost of the permission is included in the trekking charge you pay at the ticket counter.

Do I need a guide during the trek?
The trek to Chembra Peak is organised on a well-marked trail right to the top, and you won’t need a guide. But a guide is recommended for a memorable experience. The fee for the guide is included in the trekking charge.

Can we camp at Chembra Peak?
Chembra Peak camping isn’t permitted. You can trek and enjoy only during the day.

Which animals can I see during the trek?
Because of the growing human presence, animals don’t roam around the trail. But you might come across elephants, gaurs and deers while trekking.

Is smoking/drinking allowed at Chembra Peak?
No, smoking and drinking aren’t allowed. You’ll be fined if caught doing so.

Can I carry a plastic bottle during the trek?
Chembra Peak in Wayanad is a plastic-free zone. But if you need to, you’ve to make a security deposit depending on the number of bottles you will carry. You will get the deposit back if you have all the bottles upon returning from the trek.

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