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Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Wayanad (Timings, History, Entry Fee, Images & Information)

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Wayanad Entry Fee

  • 50 per person for Indians
  • 200 per person for Foreign Tourists

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Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Wayanad Address: Tholpetty, 7 kms from the Thirunelli Temple, Kalpetta, Kerala, 673121, India

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Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Wayanad Timings

Day Timing
Monday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wedesday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is known for its gorgeous greens. Spread out at 1740 m above sea level, it’s a famous bird sanctuary in Kerala. It’s blessed with virgin forests and rich birdlife. And the steep slopes in the sanctuary also offer a challenging trekking adventure.

It’s a nature lovers’ paradise and the best place for bird-watching in Kerala. You can spot several rare and exotic birds from different vantage points in Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary.

A long trek through lush forests, on steep hills and around waterfalls and caves is the best way to explore the bird sanctuary. You can get a sweeping view of the entire forest if you climb the watchtower. It eases bird spotting.

Among the many bird species in Pakshipathalam Sanctuary Wayanad, the edible-nest swiftlet is the most popular. It’s a small bird, and it makes its appearance before only a lucky few.

Pakshipathalam caters to nature lovers and adventure lovers alike. A trip to the sanctuary will freshen you up. It offers the solitude you’re looking for from city life.

At Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary, there are only birds and their sweet chirps. Occasionally, an elephant might show up. The thick forests and rocky caves are home to several regional plants and animals.

It’s a serene tourist attraction in Wayanad. And it’s said that Garuda, the king of birds, protects the sanctuary and looks after the birds living here.

Where is Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary in Wayanad?

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Kerala is on the Brahmagiri hills, about 52 km away from Wayanad. It’s hidden deep within a flourishing forest, and the only way to explore it is to trek the distance. The trek starts near Thirunelli Temple, and it takes you on an exploration of a unique and diverse ecosystem.

Things to do at Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

1. Trekking through the forests – The best and the only way to reach the inner corners of Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is by trekking. Be prepared for a grueling climb. It’s a 8 km long trek of moderate difficulty that delights every adventure lover. The trail takes you through the wilderness, open grasslands and slippery boulders. It’s a challenging trek for many. You’ll find a variety of rare species of herbs and orchids on your way.

2. Bird-watching – Pakshipathalam Wayanad is heaven for bird lovers. Once you reach the sanctuary, you’ll see flocks of birds singing their hearts out in the sky. You’ll find several species of cuckoo, owl, woodpecker and other birds. You can hire a tribal guide for your trip to help you locate and identify the different species of birds. The place also has a watch tower from where you can see the length and breadth of the sanctuary.

3. Checking out the wildlife – Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary doesn’t only have birds. It’s also home to several wild animals and medicinal plants. Among the many inhabitants of the forests, you'll find elephants, leopards and tigers. Jungle cats and bison are also common. A guide will help you explore the variety of flora and fauna of the sanctuary. They’ll also help you identify fresh pugmarks and spot the animals.

4. Exploring the caves – The rock caves in the sanctuary also provide you with a glimpse of the biodiversity of the region. You’ll find several caves, while you're trekking and exploring the sanctuary. And some of these rocks date back to the Ramayana period. Gushing waterfalls and streams are other highlights of your visit to Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Wayanad.

5. Camping – Although night camping is not allowed on the peak inside, you can take help from your guide to set up overnight camps at other places. They’ll help you find appropriate places in the forested areas and around. It’s the best way to enjoy this most famous bird sanctuary in India.

Image Gallery of Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Wayanad

Details of Pakshipathalam Trek in Wayanad

Pakshipathalam trekking trail is a popular trekking destination that crisscrosses the borders between Kerala and Karnataka. It starts near Thirunelli Temple. The trail is not steep, but it requires you to walk on gradual ascents and descents through grassy plains and rocky hills.

The main points of interest during the Pakshipathalam trek are –

  • Watchtower, offering panoramic views of the nearby forests and grasslands.
  • Garudapara rock, which is 30 meters high.
  • Papanasini stream, believed to contain Amrit (the nectar of life).

After crossing these, you'll descend to Pakshipathalam, where you’ll encounter birds on the trees and bats in the rock caves.

After the trek, you’ll have to return via the same trail.

  • Trek starting point: Thirunelli Temple
  • Trek length: 16 km (to and from the temple)
  • Trek difficulty: Moderate

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Timings and Entry Fee

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is open on all days of the week. You must be back at the entry point before sunrise. Night camping isn’t allowed in the deep forests. The timing of the sanctuary is from 6 AM to 6 PM.

The entry fee to visit Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is ₹50 per person for Indian nationals and ₹200 per person for foreign nationals. And the fees for a forest guide are extra.

Another thing worth noting is that Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is closed from February until April/May. So, check the status before planning a trip.

Best time to visit Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

The best time to visit Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is in winter, between November and January. It’s when the climate is cool, devoid of scorching heat. It’s the ideal time for hours of trekking and bird-watching. Visit it before the afternoon, so you have plenty of time to explore before the darkness falls.

Time to explore Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Wayanad

It takes around 4-5 hours to complete the 16 km trek at a leisurely pace and be back. You can do it in 3 hours if you’re short of time. Also, Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is far from Wayanad. So, you’ll need to dedicate a full day to the trip.

Things to keep in mind when visiting Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

  • Trek starts near Thirunelli Temple.
  • Wear sturdy trekking shoes/boots.
  • Wear anti-leech socks.
  • Cover your legs to prevent grass-cuts.
  • Keep hats and sunglasses.
  • Keep binoculars.
  • Carry insect/mosquito-repellent creams.
  • Pack your food and water for the trek.
  • Take prior Forest Department permission for the trek.
  • Get well-informed local guides from the tourism office.

How to reach Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary?

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is near Thirunelli Temple, about 52 km away from Wayanad. From Thirunelly Temple, you’ve to trek your way into the sanctuary. The nearest bus stand is in Wayanad, and the nearest railway station is in Kozhikode (120 km away). The airport closest to the sanctuary is Calicut International Airport (130 km away).

Now, here are the different ways to reach Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary trekking point –

By bus – You can take a bus from Wayanad to Thirunelli Temple. The Pakshipathalam trek start point is only a few hundred meters from the temple.

By taxi/cab – The best way to reach Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Wayanad is by booking a cab or taxi. You can book a cab from the top car rental companies in Wayanad and enjoy a full-day trip to the sanctuary. The road trip ensures a comfortable ride through the hilly landscape. And you’ll have your full zeal to embark on the arduous 8 km trek into the forests and see the birds and animals.

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